About Certa

CERTA Intelligence & Security A/S

CERTA Intelligence & Security A/S is an intelligence, analysis and security enterprise, established as a shareholder company in 2014 with headquarters in Copenhagen.

CERTA is lead by a board of directors and its management. Management is responsible for daily operations.


Director Jakob ScharfDirector Jakob Scharf
Executive Director / Co-founder
Director Jakob DreyerDirector Jakob Dreyer
Managing Director / Co-founder

Board of Directors

Jacob BierJacob Bier
Chairman of board of Directors
Lennart LajboschitzLennart Lajboschitz
Member of the board

Jakob Scharf, member of the board
Jakob Dreyer, member of the board

Employees and partners

CERTA is based on skills, working methods and procedures which are used by intelligence and security services. CERTA employs researchers, analysts, and advisors whom have previously worked in the Danish Intelligence and security services, and who have both leadership and operational experience from these services. CERTA’s employees consist of a number of nationalities, and the company internally includes a wide range of language skills – including Chinese, Russian and Arabic. CERTA has further established a close collaboration between Danish and international experts and partners, with special capabilities and competencies in security matters.

CERTA works with some of the most renowned companies within the world of Intelligence and security, including companies specialized in cyber-security, risk analysis, maritime security and security in high risk areas.

Jobs at CERTA

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Walk-in Address

Kalvebod Brygge 39-41
DK-1560 Copenhagen V

Business Terms

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The company’s name

The name CERTA comes from the latin “certus”, which means safe and reliable.