Sanctions Lists Investigations

Sanctions Lists Investigations

International sanctions are increasingly posing a complex set of challenges to private corporations. This is not least the case in relation to the war in Ukraine and the comprehensive sanctions adopted against entities and individual in Russia and Belarus. These challenges are particularly pertinent in situations where a corporation has a local set-up in countries that are subject to international sanctions.

However, sanctions also necessitate an increased focus on clients, suppliers, and partners – both in relation to compliance with rules and regulations, but also in exercising due diligence in regard to protecting the public reputation of the corporation.

CERTA provides intelligence, advice and support to private corporations with the purpose of handling these challenges, and CERTA employs researchers and analysts with specific expertise in gathering and analysing intelligence from open sources (Open Source Intelligence). The intelligence gathering is conducted by means of capabilities and tools that allow for collecting and processing large quantities of data globally, including in relation to complex networks and company structures.

CERTA’s investigations includes not only a sanctions screening, but also in-depth research into relevant company information, ownership details, etc. – all with the purpose of establishing whether a corporation is directly or indirectly exposed in relation to entities that are subject to sanctions.

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