Litigation Support

Litigation Support

CERTA provides support to law firms and their clients in civil litigation. CERTA’s support includes, for example, investigations with the purpose of collecting and documenting information and evidence that can be presented at or otherwise used in connection with the proceedings. CERTA employs lawyers with experience from the Police and the Prosecution Service, who ensure that CERTA’s investigations are conducted within the framework of current legislation, in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, and in a manner ensuring that the evidentiary value of the information is not compromised.

CERTA’s support includes, inter alia:

  • Intelligence gathering from open sources (Open Source Intelligence)
  • Interview of human sources (Human Intelligence)
  • IT forensics and other technical investigations (securing and analysing data from devices, etc.)
  • Surveillance (physical surveillance, etc.)
  • Witness protection (whistleblowers, etc.)
  • Other investigatory steps and expert investigations (forensic voice or handwriting comparisons, etc.)

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