CERTA Intelligence & Security

Certa intelligence & security

CERTA Intelligence & Security is a private intelligence, analysis, and security company. CERTA assists organisations in identifying, preventing, and countering security related threats and risks, which may affect assets, activities, and employees.

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About Certa

CERTA is a private intelligence, analysis and security company that assists organisations in identifying, preventing and countering security related threats, which may affect their business, activities, values, employees and reputation. CERTA also undertakes strategic activities as well as analytical and other projects of significance to society.

CERTA acts as a full-service security advisor making it a “one-stop-shop” for organisations requiring expert advice on security related matters.
”Organized criminality, espionage and terrorism must never stop companies from running their business. Fundamentally, this is what CERTA wants to ensure.”
Jakob Scharf
Executive Director / Co-founder, CERTA
Former head of PET