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Security Organisation

Security Organisation (CSO Services)

For many organisations, it can be difficult and disproportionately demanding on available resources to establish an internal security organisation that has sufficient capacity and competency.

CERTA can offer to either completely or partially manage those tasks pertaining to an internal security organisation – by either supplementing or replacing an existing internal security organisation. This entails CERTA’s independent and qualified assistance in the purchase of security services and use of security suppliers.

CERTA’s services include:

  • Performing relevant threat and risk assessments as well as security assessments.
  • Developing strategies, policies and guidelines, including how to handle sensitive information.
  • Ensuring security-related instruction, education and training of employees.
  • Establishing any necessary physical security, personal protection and information security.
  • Handling specific security issues, including internal reviews and investigations.
  • Providing contingency planning and crisis management
  • Handling security tasks related to employees deployed abroad

CERTA can likewise – entirely or partially – take responsibility for information security (Corporate Information Security Officer – CISO – Service) or travel security (Travel Security Officer – TSO – Services) in a specific company. This can occur either independently or within the framework of a larger Corporate Security Officer – CSO – Service.

Furthermore, CERTA has specialized in providing independent and qualified assistance to companies in regards to their purchase of security services and use of external security suppliers (Security Procurement). The aim of the advice and assistance is to ensure that the company acquires adequate and appropriate security services to the right price, that these services be provided in the required and agreed-upon quality, and that the company can trust the security supplier.

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