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Event Security

Event security

In a dynamic business world, it is important that a company can host events in a professional and safe manner. This is easier said than done, because the threat picture for an event is often quite complex and shifting.

Security threats to events can be directed at the company, participants or the event itself. The goal of such threats range from disturbing the event to carrying out violence, and from illegitimately accessing information which can be misused to various other actions which might damage the company and its reputation.

This poses specific challenges to companies when important events are planned and held. To prevent and counter concrete threats and manage security risks it is necessary to assess the threat picture, establish the adequate security level and take the needed security measures. To do so requires skills and expertise that the individual company typically does not have in-house, and therefore proceeding without assistance runs the risk of security measures being insufficient or too costly. The latter often applies to cases when security is contracted to an external security supplier who unilaterally decides the security level and the concrete security measures.

Event Security

CERTA assists companies in making sure that important events can take place with the necessary security in place for leadership, employees and guests.
The purpose of this assistance is to prevent and reduce security risks that can occur when companies gather many and important people in, for example, general meetings, shareholder meetings, conferences or special events.

As an independent and qualified adviser in the field of security, CERTA can assist during both the planning and the execution of an event. CERTA will develop a concrete threat assessment and risk profile and ensure that an adequate security level is established based on the threat assessment, as well as ensure that any other security measures expected of the company are implemented.

CERTA’s Security Concept

CERTA has developed a comprehensive security concept for events. The concept aims to reduce security risks emanating from a specific event, and to establish an effective crisis management procedure for any security incidents relating to the event. The goal is to create a holistic, balanced, flexible and effective security that reflects the threat picture, and is adapted to the concrete needs of the company as well as its character and culture.

As part of the security concept, CERTA offers comprehensive solutions as well as more specific services and advice.

A comprehensive solution entails that CERTA, on the company’s behalf, takes charge of security at an event. This includes the organisation, coordination and execution of the event, as well as  tasks linked to relevant authority figures and security suppliers.

The concept covers all relevant security aspects in connection with specific events and includes the following services, which can be customised according to each company’s needs and situation:

  • Security assessment before the agreement
  • Security plan for the arrangement
    • Planning and selection of adequate location
    • Preparation of security including agreements with relevant authorities and security suppliers, and instructing security, etc.
  • Delivering security, including coordinating security tasks, contingency plans and crisis management

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