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Hotel Security

Hotel Security

It is crucial for hotels to provide a safe and secure environment for guests and personnel. This is particularly the case when arranging special events, conferences or VIP visits. A safe hotel environment can only be realised by striving to create one, and by being well prepared.

Politicians and other public personas need to be protected and feel safe when they travel and stay at hotels. This concerns their personal safety, the safety of their valuables and their privacy.

Hotel Security

Other groups of guests can be exposed to specific security threats and risks because of their nationality, occupation or political conviction.
For most hotel guests it is vital that their hotel is a safe and secure environment, and security is in that regard becoming a more salient factor for guests when choosing a hotel. In 2014, the Danish Agency for Modernisation published a list of minimum security requirements and high-level security goals for hotels seeking to secure agreements with the state. Furthermore, many large international companies have begun demanding comprehensive security measures for their employees’ business travels.

A range of security threats apply to hotels, their guests and their events. Threats include organised crime, industrial espionage and intrusions in private lives as well as extremist attacks such as terrorism, threats, violence or vandalism. Hotels must now adapt to more and different threats, and a threat picture that is increasingly dynamic and complex.

CERTA provides advice and assistance to hotels regarding security issues for the hotel, its guests and the hosting of events under the auspices of the hotel. CERTA has developed a comprehensive security concept which can be adjusted to hotels’ actual risk profiles, needs, responsibilities and wishes to ensure that security and safety measures are included in their daily business in an organic and balanced way.

The concept is designed for hotels who seek to provide a safe and secure environment for high-profile guests, or wish to be labelled a “security hotel”, meaning they conform with the Danish police and Police Intelligence’s (PET) requirements to house special guests or delegations.

The concepts covers all relevant security aspects involved in protecting guests, staff, buildings and other physical valuables in relation to operating a hotel in Denmark and abroad.
The security concept is based on “best practices” drawn from the field of security, and rooted in the experience of police and police intelligence relating to protection of people, information security and the physical, tactical and technical securing of buildings.

CERTA’s advice and assistance based on the security concept involves:

  • State regulations to attain the “security hotel” label
  • Security policy
  • Crisis management
  • Contingency planning, security instructions, communication
  • Physical and technical securing
  • Guest management
  • Baggage management
  • Managing suppliers and deliveries
  • Information security
  • Personal security – when hiring employees
  • Fire-related concerns (abroad)
  • Building planning and design
  • Project assistance when expanding or renewing buildings
  • Event Security

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