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Travel Security

Travel Security

CERTA assists companies, including travel agencies, by establising the highest possible security for their leaders, employees and guests during travels and stays abroad.

The purpose of CERTA’s assistance is partly to prevent and reduce security-related risks during travel as much as possible. It is also to ensure that any potential security-related incidents are handled efficiently and professionally.

CERTA offers integrated solutions, as well as specific services and advice in regards to specific situations. CERTA can therefore help develop and implement the overarching security policy for travelling under the company’s management, or simply assist with individual elements.

Travel Security

CERTA works methodically and analytically with travel security and emphasises preventive efforts and the development of appropriate security behaviour that supports the company’s strategic aims.

In cooperation with the individual client, CERTA can create a balanced and holistic travel security system, adapted both to the concrete needs of the company and its character and culture.

CERTA’s advice and assistance regarding travel security are based on experience with travel security in civilian intelligence and security services, and covers all relevant security-related aspects, including threats and risks in relation to espionage, corruption, political instability, arrest and detention, terror, kidnapping, theft and robbery along with risks related to local transport and natural hazardous events. As part of its advice and assistance, CERTA also draws on its network from across the world.

CERTA’s advice and assistance regarding travel security comprises:

CERTA provides assistance in developing a company security strategy and security policy during travels and stays abroad, along with considerations tailored to specific destinations and risk-areas. In doing so, we will ensure that both strategy and policy reflect the company’s character and culture, support the company’s goals and development and support the company’s other strategies and policies.

CERTA can assist with the development and continuous updating of travel guidance for the company, based on the overarching security strategy and policy.

CERTA assists with establishing a competent crisis management organisation, which includes plans, preparations and training which can include, for example, “Kidnap Responses”, evacuation and other scenarios that may occur in countries where the company operates.

CERTA contributes to strengthening the general security during travels and stays abroad. This is done through consulting, education and training. The consulting covers insurance, health, choice of hotels and transport methods, safe behaviour and movement, equipment choice and protection measures, amongst other topics. Advice can also cover the protection of sensitive company information during travels and stays abroad. Additionally, CERTA offers general or country-specific training for all employees, or selected groups. This includes courses such as “Defensive Driving”, first aid, “Hostile Environment Awareness Training” (HEAT), counter-observation and “Conduct After Capture” (CAC) to employees travelling to particularly risky areas.

CERTA can assist generally or specifically with planning travels in order to ensure that these unfold in a safe and responsible manner. The assistance covers the choice of travel timing, travel route, accommodation, local transport, meeting places and the organisation of travel and meeting programs.

CERTA evaluates actual and relevant risks and advises about security in relation to specific travels and stays abroad, including advice about appropriate movement and conduct in case of an attack, traffic incident or illness. CERTA can deliver current threat pictures and advise in regards to potential decisions that have to be made, such as interrupting a stay if a threat picture worsens, or if necessary, performing an evacuation. CERTA can, according to the need for it, implement protection of individuals or have a security coordinator assist, just as CERTA can establish contacts to local professional security companies and assist with contracting of these companies if required.

CERTA provides instant support and advice in the face of a crisis, to ensure an efficient response, which handles the problem quickly and professionally, and to ensure that the company continues to be perceived as a trustworthy and responsible employer. Support in regards to kidnapping situations can include advice to leadership, support during negotiations and liberation, and contact to the relevant authorities.

CERTA assists with debriefing and After Care, including psychological help, for employees, relatives and colleagues after security-related incidents. Moreover, CERTA can continually assist with evaluating the company’s travel experiences such that the travel security can be adjusted and improved.

As part of its advice and assistance regarding travel security, CERTA can offer to make a security coordinator available for travels inside and outside of Denmark.
The security coordinator will, when appropriate, participate in both the planning of the travel and the travel itself. The security coordinator can assist with the handling of all security-related aspects so the travellers feel safe and can focus on the purpose of the travel instead.

The extent of involvement from the security coordinator is determined based on a closer discussion between the parties as well as on a concrete threat and risk assessment.

The security coordinator can assist with the following tasks:

  • Professional security advice regarding the timing of travel and travel routes, alongside the preparation of a trip and meeting program.
  • Security guidance prior to departure.
  • Planning of safe transportation once arrived at destination.
  • Selection of safe accomodation and a concrete review of the security conditions at the destination.
  • Security evaluation of meeting facilities and other relevant locations.
  • The establishment of concrete security measures, including support from local security vendors in relation to personal protection and guard duties, as well as quality assurance of this support.
  • Contact with local authorities.
  • Assistance in case of security incidents, including evacuation, medical assistance etc.

When the security coordinator participates in the travel, they will be available 24 hours a day.

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