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Corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations

CERTA has employees with extensive knowledge and experience from the police and intelligence services. This experience includes the investigation and research of irregularities, including disciplinary and criminal offences such as bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes.
CERTA makes this expertise available to private companies that need advice or other forms of assistance in managing cases where there are suspicions of irregular activity.

Corporate investigations

CERTA’s advice and assistance regarding the investigation of irregularities includes, among other things:

  • Expert assistance in investigating irregularities
  • Establishment and administration of whistleblower procedures
  • Vetting in insurance and pension cases

CERTA gives advice and assistance to companies regarding the establishment and administration of arrangements that must fulfill special requirements, when managing cases of suspected money laundering.

CERTA provides independent advice and expert assistance to companies’ internal investigation of cases where there are suspicions of irregularities and that can lead to
decisions such as disciplinary sanctions, reporting to police, civil lawsuits or the termination of professional relationships. When suspicions of irregularities arise, a company will often be subjected to difficult considerations:

  • Does the suspicion warrant further investigation and can the suspicion
    eventually be validated?
  • Which investigations can and should be launched and is there ground to bring
    in specific expertise?
  • How can the investigations be performed in a sound way and with the needed
  • How can the required evidence and documentation be secured for the
  • When are the possibilities for investigation deemed exhausted and when is the
    suspicion deemed sufficiently investigated?
  • How must the results of the investigations be interpreted and which further
    steps can the investigations lead to?

CERTA helps companies answer these questions and perform the necessary and
appropriate investigations that are to be expected of an accountable organization. The
goal of this assistance is not merely to ensure the correct handling of a concrete case,
but also to ensure that there cannot afterwards be raised reasonable doubt about
whether the company has shown the adequate diligence and responsibility.

CERTA’s advice and assistance in cases of suspected irregularities will be delivered by
consultants with extensive intelligence and investigative experience on a strategic and
operational level. The consultants will be supported by analysts and researchers, which
will assist with the collection, handling and analysis of the data uncovered during the
investigation. CERTA can likewise employ special capabilities and skills to perform technical investigations, interviews, etc.

CERTA can as part of its concrete advice and assistance also take charge of or assist with contacting Danish or foreign authorities and other parties that could contribute to the investigations or would make decisions based on the investigations. This applies, for example, to the preparation of the delivery of a case report to the police. CERTA’s advice and assistance implies that CERTA is allowed to access and review the information relevant to the case. The obtaining of further information will happen upon later agreement between CERTA and the individual company with all information being handled confidentially, including after the investigation’s ending.

Another possibility is to make an agreement between CERTA and the company about ongoing assistance in reviewing and evaluating cases of suspected irregularities. As part of the ongoing assistance, it will be possible to implement a visitation policy where CERTA assists the company with identifying the cases that give grounds to suspect irregularities.

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