Tracing of Individuals and Assets

Tracing of Individuals and Assets

CERTA offers assistance with the purpose of tracing and locating assets and individuals across the globe. Such assistance can be relevant in bankruptcy proceedings as well as in other cases where there is a need for establishing an individual’s whereabouts, or for identifying and locating assets that could be subject to legal action etc.

CERTA employs researchers and analysts with special expertise in gathering and analysing information from open sources (Open Source Intelligence). The intelligence gathering is conducted by means of special capabilities and tools which allow for collecting and processing extensive amounts of data globally, including in relation to complex networks and corporate structures.

CERTA also has at its disposal experienced investigators who can conduct – either on their own or with collaboration partners abroad – additional investigations at relevant locations across the world.

These investigations can include, for example:

  • Interviews, recruitment, and handling of human sources (Human Intelligence)
  • Undercover operations
  • Technical investigations, including data acquisition and advanced IT investigations
  • Monitoring and surveillance, etc.

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