Jobs at CERTA — Certa intelligence & security

Jobs at CERTA

CERTA Intelligence & Security is seeking new colleagues

CERTA routinely seeks interns interested in challenging and varied tasks within threat and risk assessment, along with research and analysis projects. The intern must be proficient in both written Danish and English.
The intern must work for a minimum of 15 hours per week for a period lasting between 3 and 6 months. The internship must be a part of the intern’s education, by granting ECTS points.
CERTA has no strict requirement as to which education the intern should follow, but it may appropriately be a social sciences education, perhaps with a focus on security and risk management.
There are no fixed deadlines for applications, but the intern is encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

CERTA values
Strong technical abilities and professionalism, along with relevant experience.
Ability to collect, analyse and apply information targeted towards advising CERTA’s clients.
Good teamwork abilities, flexibility and humor.
Independence and initiative in solving tasks.
Articulate and correct Danish and English, both written and spoken.

Practical Information
Positions are to be filled as early as possible.
Wages to be agreed upon. Internships are unpaid.
Prospective applicants can contact the Managing Director, Jakob Dreyer, by writing to

CERTA is a private intelligence, analysis and security company, which assists companies and organisations in identifying, preventing and countering threats and risks to their business, activities, employees, and reputation. Advice and recommendations are developed and presented in close cooperation with the client and CERTA’s different departments for consulting, information security, collection and analysis.

CERTA employs researchers, analysts and advisers whom have previously worked for the Danish intelligence and security services, and have leadership and operational experience from these services. Moreover, CERTA has established a close collaboration with international experts and partners with special capabilities and skills in security. CERTA operates both in Denmark and abroad.